American Military Institution Scholarship for Antiguans and Barbudans

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St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: Young men and women desirous to pursue careers in the military, may do so without much financial input of their own. That, as several military scholarships to top American military institutions such as West Point Military Academy are being made available to Antigua and Barbuda nationals.

Government spokesman, Lionel Max Hurst said that the United States government is making available a number of military scholarships for young people meeting the qualifying criteria. Hurst said that the scholarships are for pursuing studies leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Military Studies. Hurst further explained that there are some requirements such as passing the US SAT exams, including Mathematics. Other requirements stipulate that the applicants must be in good health, and must produce evidence that he or she is involved in community work.

According to Hurst, Dominica which does not have a defence force, has been taking advantage of the scholarships. This year, he said, nine Dominicans opted to take up the scholarship offer.

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