Antigua and Barbuda was featured on CBS Channel 2

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New York, USA: CBS2’s Diane Macedo and Cindy Hsu interview Shirlene Nibbs, Antigua and Barbuda tourism consultant, and Chef Melvin Myers about Caribbean Week and Antigua and Barbuda’s culinary dishes.


7 Responses to Antigua and Barbuda was featured on CBS Channel 2

  1. KB says:

    Congratulation to Ms. Shirlene Nibb and Melvin Myers on an awesome interview.You repesented us well!!

    Thanks to CBS 2 for the opportunity to showcase Antigua and Barbuda….”Where land and sea make beauty”

  2. Angela says:

    I am extremely Happy and overly Excited to see Antigua show cased somewhere. Moving on up. Great! Congrats to those whom made it possible

  3. Joslyn Williams says:

    Great advertising for Antigua and Barbuda.

    Lady Shirlene we are so fortunate and blessed to have you in this post
    Chef Melvin you are the Best
    Congratulations to you both.

  4. Jacqui says:

    Great ambassadors!

  5. Freda Gore says:

    Congrats to Shirleen and Melvin on a great interview

  6. Joyce says:

    Great interview. Very proud of Shirlene Nibbs and Chef Myers. Good job!

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