Care Project resident gets New Voicebox from Halo Foundation

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St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: The Halo Foundation Inc. , in partnership with the Neighborhood Technical Assistance Clinic (NTAC) of New York, raised EC$ 16,400 for a voicebox for Kevorn, a resident of the Care Project.

Several months ago, Lady Sandra Williams, President and Founder of Halo, was approached by Annette Carey, President of Friends of the Care Project, to provide an external communication device which would enable Kevorn to express his thought and desires in a more comprehensive manner.

In handing over the donation, Lady Williams commented: “His speech impediment has locked Kevorn into a box of silence all his life. Even without the flow of words, he exudes a marvelous sense of humour and is known for his dazzling smile and tender soul. This new means of self expression will give him the ability to reach out more clearly”.

Dr. Valerie Oliver‐Durrah, President & CEO of NTAC, said at the time when the fundraising project began: “I have not personally met Kevorn, but the voice of my heart is speaking to me. Kevorn is a 22‐ year old young man with so much intelligence, a wonderful nature and a beautiful character, but does not have the tools to speak. Galatians 6:2 teaches us that we should carry each other’s burdens. So we are committed to partnering with Halo on this important project.”

President of Friends of the Care Project, Annette Carey, indicated that the voicebox had already been purchased and would be made available to Kevorn within the next few weeks.

in Picture: L‐R: JoAnn Redick, Secretary, Friends of the Care Project; HE Lady Sandra Williams, President & Founder of The Halo Foundation, Inc. , and Annette Carey, President of Friends of the Care Project.

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