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Africa and Africans are still dealing with the aftermaths of colonization (neo-colonialism) and here come the Chinilization of Africans and the African continent alongside the African natural resources.

HYBRID COLONIZATION: The hybrid of a product is the bettered version of that product. The Chinese have studied where the colonial powers went wrong and are playing it different not to arouse any suspicions. China pretend to work with Africa in EQUAL PARTNERSHIP but as you can understand this is not true. China is shaping African policies are Africans also doing likewise to the Chinese? HELL NO!!!!. The colonial powers did it differently by dealing with Africans as master and servant.

Chinese Investments in Africa

Chinese Investments in Africa

CHINILIZATION WORSE THAN COLONIZATION: While colonization was illegal( there was no meeting of minds nor concern) and dehumanizing, Chinilization in the other hand is legal and puts on a human mask. While China executes corrupt Chinese officials, corruption is the modus operandum of the Chinese in Africa. The Chinese help murderous African dictators stay in power by giving them unrealistic loans. The projects carries out by Chinese companies could also be done by local African companies. The Chinese use prisoners(some of whom are convicted murderers) to carry out their projects while the local African businesses have to hire people and pay them leading to drop in unemployment. The Chinese bring along even the most unskilled labor needed from China. They are arming African dictators with Chinese made weapons and taking natural resources in exchange. These weapons are used in securing the safety of the Chinese workers and not those of the local populous. An example is the kidnapping of people by Boko Haram in the North of Cameroon. Before kidnapping some Chinese, BH had kidnapped more than 10000 Cameroonian citizens without the Cameroonian authorities intervening. But when the group took hostage some Chinese workers, all hell broke loose. The wrath of the Cameroonian military was brought down on BH and these kidnapped Chinese were safely recovered. Those locals are still in captive and more are being taken everyday. Chinilization is putting Africans countries in eternal debt which generations to come will work to pay since our natural resources would have become property of the Chinese by then. Do not forget that the Chinese military is growing very fast causing the US to have some sleepless nights. No African military would be a match because they depend solely on China for their military supplies(do the maths).

China-Africa-trade-growingWe have seen how Chinilization has brought the once booming Angolan economy to an abrupt halt creating a situation whereby only the Chinese government and businesses flourish (hostile take-over). Under Chinese influence the Angolan government introduced laws that favor Chinese goods and businesses ONLY. At the moment in Angola the Chinese are calling the shots while ordinary Angolans look for crumbs thrown by the Chinese. We have seen similar patterns in other African countries like Cameroon where the Chinese influence a law that bans the importation of NON PLASMA TELEVISIONS. This means Cameroonians either go without TV or buy the low quality Chinese made which has a life span of “till the next thunder”. Chinese electronics die when they hear thunder and thunder and lightening are a common occurrence in Cameroon especially during the rainy season.


• Zimbabwe: at the moment the official currency of the nation of Zimbabwe is the Chinese Yuan. Mugabe cannot make any decisions without calling Beijing.
• Angola
• Cameroon and the list goes on.

Article By: Tom Takem Enow,  Rotterdam, Netherlands

Article By: Tom Takem Enow,  Rotterdam, Netherlands

Some self proclaimed pan Africanists are busy barking at the wrong door. They leave the corrupt African leaders who are the sole authors of African problems to blame it on white supremacy. White supremacy is a problem faced by African Americans and not by continental Africans but these wanabees are busy Americanizing Africa’s problems and paying their blame game. Africans have to wake up and defend Africa before these nincompoops in the name of African leaders lead us to dooms day with their misleading. By the way some African presidents are just being patriotic by letting the Chinese take everything since they and their Children already possess the Chinese citizenship.

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