Ganja Talk is Cheap – Human Life Is Valuable

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One does not have to take a pull of the “wisdom weed” (marijuana), spend years in a first class university or something of the sort to hold fast the notion that no matter the level of discussion, marijuana talk is woefully cheap compared to the value of human life – whether young or old.

Bishop Charlesworth Browne

article by Bishop Charlesworth Browne

Today, the nation’s authorities have become emboldened by changes to pot laws in the United States of America and numerous countries, and they are hoping the country can become a player in the rapidly increasing medical marijuana industry, health tourism and the development of weed-derived products. This is a red-flag cause for concern for many working to combat life-controlling addictions which include: substance, pornography, and the internet.

In a recent closed-door discussion on the subject of marijuana decriminalization, I was asked to submit what I consider to be the factor that contributes most to life controlling addictions.

Without hesitation I shared that there are those who firmly believe that the environment is chief among the factors and that I can find no reason to reasonably disagree with that notion.

In February, of this year – 2015, Jamaica’s Parliament gave final approval to law amendments partially decriminalizing small amounts of pot paving the way for a lawful medical marijuana sector, according to academic speculators. Nonetheless, Jamaican cannabis crusaders have indicated that there is still a lot of confusion about the changes. One such crusader remarked:

“Lots of people are unclear about what decriminalization really means …”

As the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda considers jumping into the fray, it must be paramount that in the first place, the new amendments should allow possession of marijuana for certified scientific research specifically on behalf of our country and a “Cannabis Licensing Authority” appointed strictly regulate the cultivation and distribution of marijuana for legal purposes.

Secondly, since religious rights and freedoms are protected under the law, Rastafarian adults may be legally permitted to use marijuana for sacramental purposes only – according to the dictates of their faith. Talk is cheap. – Manifested time after time from within the lofty houses of our Parliament.

Bearing this in mind, it is wise to note that even where medical marijuana is concerned, it is not monitored like FDA-approved medicines and when using it one does not know its potential to cause cancer, its purity, potency, or side effects. Personally, where the decriminalization of “ganja” is concerned, I am strongly opposed to anyone under the age of 18 years old being given any right to use marijuana as I am also opposed to anyone with a history of psychosis.

At this time, I am presently working with other pastors and church leaders to set up a Global Teen Challenge Project here in Antigua. It is our desire to provide the best and latest tools available in helping individuals with life controlling addictions. We are mindful that, according to the United Nations, more than 200 million people worldwide struggle with drug abuse.

Frighteningly, drug users are getting younger and their use is becoming more frequent. Can anyone disagree that alcohol and drug addictions are plaguing our nation and invading our homes? We are committed to doing everything we can to reach our own people who are struggling with life controlling problems because human life is so very valuable.

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