Grenada Gets US$250,000 fund from Venezuela for Eye care Clinic

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Grenada: The government of Venezuela has pledged US$250,000, for the establishment of a new eye clinic at the General Hospital here.

This was announced by government officials following Saturday’s visit by Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

“The relationship between Grenada and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is one that is deeply rooted in mutual respect and a commitment to the improvement of the lives of the poorest among us,” said Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell as he disclosed that Venezuela is to contribute millions to at least three social projects.

“Today, they have once again reaffirmed their commitment to helping us fulfill our promise of providing laptops and tablets to our students across the length and breadth of our Tri-Island State. This will go a long way in enhancing the competitiveness of our students on the global scale,” he announced.

Maduro, in his speech, called for the integration of the Caribbean and Latin America to create an economic block.

“The time of economic independence has arrived,” he said. “This integration is needed so that we can develop a very power inter-Caribbean trade,” said Maduro who believes that though at present there appears to be a challenge within the region in terms of sea and air transportation once the people come together a solution will develop.

Source: Caribbean News Service

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