Johnny Depp Pulled the Most Epic Prank on Wife Amber Heard

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LOS ANGELES:  Actor Johnny Depp made his wife Amber Heard believe that her beloved 1968 Mustang had been stolen for the third time! This happened on a new episode of American reality TV show “Overhaulin”.

In a sneak peak of the episode obtained by, the 29-year-old actress questioned a police officer who filmed her and the surroundings with his mobile phone. “Why is he filming,” she asked.

Heard could be seen showing her middle finger to the police officer who kept filming her while the other officers were busy discussing the stolen car.

“Get my car back,” she said. But when Heard was told that she was on “Overhaulin”, she looked totally embarrassed.

She was previously convinced that her car was stolen as her husband and dad were involved in the prank. “I’m blown away! I’m speechless,” she said. “I can’t believe all of this.”

She then hit the two men. Of how Depp could keep a secret to prank his wife, he said: “You know there are so many times you have to change the subjects.”

The crew of the show admitted that it was nice to work with the 52-year-old actor.  “Working with Johnny, it was cool because he’s such a down-to-Earth guy and he loves the creative process,” one of the crew members said.

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