Microsoft Announces Project Spartan Web Summit

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Now this is a nice show of commitment towards the new web browser. Microsoft is gearing up to hold a development summit for Project Spartan, with top engineers behind the project expected to be there.

Better yet, the company will hold the gathering right in Google’s backyard.

That should ensure that Chrome engineers can converge at the location — which is Microsoft’s Building One in Mountain View, California. This is but a mile away from the Google headquarters. Now only if the company announces the final name of the web browser at this event.

Wouldn’t that be something?

Anyway, free registration of the web submit open tomorrow, April 14th at 10 AM PDT.

We should also have a full schedule of the sessions by then.

But you can expect plenty of technical sessions with engineers that are working on Project Spartan and its new EdgeHTML rendering engine. A few web evangelists will also be present, and several hand-on development activities are also on the agenda like:

  • What’s new from the Project Spartan team: EdgeHTML, Chakra, and Modern.IE
  • How to build blazing-fast sites and apps using JavaScript without breaking the web
  • New easy tools to build and submit cross-platform apps for multiple stores
  • How to create rich multimedia experiences with WebGL and Web Audio

Hopefully the rest of the web developers around the globe get to see the highlights and videos are posted online from the summit.

Spartan is set to take the mantle of the default web browser from Internet Explorer in Windows 10, and is included as such in the latest preview build that has leaked — build 10056. With gatherings like this, Microsoft is ensuring that its new solutions gets off to the best possible start.

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