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St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: The Immigration Department held the official launch of its immigration website last Friday morning. In attendance were: The Hon. Max Fernandez, Minister of Immigration and Foreign Affairs; and Annette Mark, Acting Chief Immigration Officer. It was stated that the IT Department has been working on the website for about two years, and represented a very important step forward for the Immigration Department. The new website highlights the role of the Immigration Department, as well as the services provided while allowing persons access to relevant information, updates, laws, policies, and forms used for immigration/passport/visa purposes.

Minister Fernandez pleasingly asserted, that since the launch, they have had very good reports on the site which has been very interactive. Fernandez indicated that the launch of the website is all a part of the strengthening and the maintaining of a more effective immigration department, indicating that: “We are very, very conscious of everyone else nowadays towards border security.”

The Minister announced that the appointment system will come online by November 1st, 2015 which means, that persons will be able to go online and make an appointment to come into immigration. That process would in turn save time and effort, and again allow for a much smoother operation in the Immigration Department. Fernandez contended that “this will reduce the number of people you see on the side walk and the lines outside of the Immigration Department. … We are also going to be making some more changes in the coming months towards the immigration process.”

Credits: Caribbean Times and image credit: observer antigua

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please madam I will like to know if somebody comes into Antigua and Barbuda with fake name after he was denied entering visa to the country first time with his real name.
    And spend 8years in the country did such person merits to apply for citizenship

  2. Leadership at work.
    Good job!

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