Plastic Bag Ban effect on January 2016

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St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: The Ministry of Health is beginning the process of preparing the country for the ban on the use of plastic bags. Minister of Health and the Environment, Molwyn Joseph announced the ban, in August.

It prohibits the importation of plastic bags and takes effect on January 01, 2016, but complete ban on the use of all plastic bags takes place at the end of June 2016. Information from the Ministry of Health’s Public Relations Department is that all measures are being put in place including new legislation to allow for the ban.

Additionally, health authorities are currently in consultation with the Ministry of Trade and the Customs Department on the matter.

Later this month, there will be several meetings between government officials from the Ministry of Trade, Central Board of Health, and the Customs Department.

Following these consultations, additional discussions will take place with representatives from the business community such as importers, wholesalers and other key stakeholders.  It is expected that as of July 1st next year plastic bags will no longer be in use in Antigua.

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  1. Vicente Guzmán says:

    These initiatives should be mandatory in all Latin america, it is a great effort and a great achievement of these countries, St. John, Antigua and barbuda and should be the example and the spearhead for the adoption in other countries.

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