Profession as more than a job placement – Edication Minister Browne

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St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: Hon. Michael Browne, The Minister of Education, Science and Technology has admonished the latest batch of teachers to view the profession as more than a job placement. He was speaking at an orientation last Friday for 22 teachers, recently recruited by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. Minister Browne told the group that the public education system in the country attracts its fair share of negatives, but the responsibility was theirs to rise above the fray and to execute their tasks to the best of their abilities, despite the challenges.

“The single most important factor for your success and your students’ success is your ability to communicate with your students. Teaching is about being able to communicate with persons and facilitate the learning process. Your job is to scaffold the learning process, so that they can become continuous learners along a long paradigm,” Minister Browne advised. He cautioned that the responsibilities of a teacher are important, adding that while officials have not been right all of the times, the aim is to keep on working to make the sector better.

Browne explained: “You are coming into a system that is at the crossroads. We have been doing things relatively good over a long period of time. Now we’re on a projection path, which means we are not going in the direction that many persons are used to. We are going towards how we can best assist you to teach the students you have in front of you.”

The 22 untrained teachers, forming the second batch of recruits, began their first day on the job yesterday, Monday. The new teachers are posted at both primary and secondary schools. The first batch of 34 secured jobs in the teaching profession at the start of the new school year, in September, 2015.

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