Rihanna Shuts World’s Richest Sportsman With Duct Tape

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He is the undisputed king of international sports. With a net worth of an estimated $400 million, Floyd Mayweather has often bragged about his unimaginable riches. The famed and feared boxer though was shut – quite literally – by R&B star Rihanna who taped his mouth at a recent awards function in Los Angeles.

Mayweather and Rihanna sat together for The Black Entertainment Television Awards 2015 on Sunday night. During the course of the ceremony, the singer was photographed taping Mayweather’s mouth shut with a duct tape – much to the amusement of fellow audience members. Spectators watching the ceremony online and on television also found it extremely humorous and took to Twitter to ‘thank’ Rihanna for taking a bold step.

It was a bold step indeed as Mayweather – who extended his unbeaten run to 48 when he defeated Manny Pacquiao on May 22 – has a bad reputation for letting temper over-rule his thinking. On this occasion though, he was more than happy to be ‘subjugated’ by Rihanna. The two laughed about it and it made for a much prettier scene than ones Mayweather leaves behind after a boxing bout.

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