YouTube crowned ‘coolest’ social media channel

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A new GWI Social report has crowned YouTube the “coolest” social platform for teens. The GWI Social report is a is quarterly breakdown by GlobalWebIndex on the latest trends in social networking.

The study aimed to investigate which social networks/apps are currently considered to be the “coolest” by internet users in the UK and US.

According to the data, while Facebook still topped the charts as the coolest social media platform overall, among adults (37%) and teens (16-19 year olds) together — only 14% of teens agreed.

Rather, this younger, yet sought-after demographic picked YouTube as their most-favored social media source. Interestingly, Facebook-owned Instagram is the second “coolest” network for teens.

In the crucial messaging space, Snapchat reigns supreme, ahead of either WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Tumblr also performs much better among teens than it does among the general online population.

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